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New Home Loan


There are many things to think about when you decide to get a new home loan.  This page will take you through the steps of the loan process, and help you gather the information you need to be successful.

Pre-approval.  Many sellers require a buyer to be pre-approved for a loan before they can submit an offer.  Learn more about the pre-approval process!

Loan Programs. There are a large number of loan programs available to borrowers.  We present an overview of many of the standard loan programs, with good information on the pluses a minuses.

Loan Application.  We present some pointers on all of the things you will need to prepare in order to apply for a home loan.

Loan Lock

Loan Processing.  This is an overview of what happens after you have applied for the loan, including information on appraisals, title insurance and escrow.

Loan Closing Costs

Closing.  This is the day that you have been waiting for - know what to expect!